A Little About Me…

(Pronouns: She/Her)

Touch has given me a way to connect on a deeper level to others in a non-sexual way. Before this discovery, it felt as though something was always lacking in my life.

When I learned about cuddling as a profession, it made perfect sense for me. I am someone you will find comforting and very accepting. I’m told I put people at ease rather quickly. This translates into a warm, nurturing cuddle environment. I want to guide you to accept touch, value touch, and ask for what you want and need.

I believe in safe, consensual touch so much that I also facilitate Cuddle Parties, a communication workshop that gives cuddle lovers the opportunity to practice advocating for their touch needs in a safe environment.

As a person who has managed through major hurdles in my life like being the parent of a child with a chronic illness, divorce, loss of a parent and financial ruin, I know what it’s like to feel tired and lost. It’s hard to know who to be vulnerable with. I’m a safe place and I am a compassionate listener.

About Our Session…

Please state in your request if you have a prefered method of initial contact, ie telephone call, text, email.

Feel free to bring your favorite pillow, blanket, books, and/or movies/shows. We can hold hands, hug, spoon, or even slow dance. Our session can look however you’d like. I’m told I’m pretty cuddly and I take great joy in nurturing my clients. You can always trust that everything I say yes to is something I wholeheartedly wish to do. I love what I do and I would love to share it with you.

My location does require the use of stairs.

A dog does reside on the premises but will not be part of our session but should be noted if allergies are an issue.

Please ask about travel fees. Many times I’m in your area and travel fees do not apply. Otherwise, I charge $25 per hour of travel, coming and going. Serving Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids and the Southwest Michigan area.

I accept cash and credit cards. Payment is expected at the start of the session.

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“Really loved the forward-thinking, Earth friendly, verdantly idyllic setting. So peaceful, tranquil, and calming. I was made to feel right at home. So welcoming. A joy. Wonderful to talk to and get to know better. Very open and accepting. Glad to have made the 2-hour drive to western Michigan for such a heart-warming experience. Well worthwhile. Bodes well for the future.”

"Michelle, the session went above and beyond what I thought it would be, as nervous as I was when I arrived, you made me feel so relaxed very quickly. Not only would I recommend you to friends, I already have. It was an amazing and wonderful experience."

Where will we Cuddle?

New trend has people cuddling up in West Michigan and beyond

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